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___________________________________________________ Amphibians 15 – Marsh Frogs








                                                                                MARSH FROG Pelophylax ridibundus




                                                                                MARSH FROG Pelophylax ridibundus



·         Identification of the Pelophenax genus of Water Frogs is a complex affair as there are a number of very similar species in continental Europe that hybridise readily and unless an individual frog can be captured it is doubtful that an unequivocal identification could be arrived at by a non-expert. Two key areas are the shape of the metatarsal tubercles and the call, both of which would require comparative data. The overall shape is also significant but also difficult to judge without comparison. A knowledge of the geographical range may help to reduce the possible candidates but it is somewhat easier to be certain about the classification of isolated populations of known species living in the British Isles. The Marsh Frogs Pelophylax ridibundus sensu lato shown here belong to a well-established colony at Rainham Marshes in Essex. As will be evident from the photographs the markings can be variable (e.g. dark blotches, bright green dorsal lines)!






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