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                                                                           RT3310 Chiswick Works, 1978






                                                        RT4629 High Street, Collier's Wood, 1976






Craven-bodied RT1499 with roof box, Chiswick Works, September 1978. These non-standard buses were withdrawn from service much earlier than many of their contemporaries but this preserved example was used for training duties during 1978. See footnote for further information about this bus.






                                                                  RT2773 Wimbledon Town Centre, 1976






          RT4631, Hyde Park Corner, 1977    RT2240, (*now preserved), RT2776, RT1892, Merton Garage, 1976






                                                                      †††††††  RT2028, Shepherd's Bush, 1977




                                                                           RT1619 Wimbledon Headstop, 1976



"I have been trying to get hold of colour pictures of the 2 surviving Cravens (I also own RT1431) but pictures of either bus in service have proved difficult due to the fact they were all disposed of by 1957.    When your picture was taken she had already been in preservation for 7 years."

"The Craven RT1431 and RT1499 are the only two left out of a total of 120 delivered in 48/49 and RT1431 was the first post war RT to go into preservation when it was purchased from A1 Services in Ardrossen, Scotland in 1966. N.B. RT1431 and RT 1499 have since been acquired as a part of the expanding Ensignbus Museum fleet.






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12††††††††††† RT 75 RT Buses operating Shuttle Route 462 between Weybridge and Brooklands, 13th April 2014


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